Welcome to Canilobo's Den! Lay back and let it happen to be carried away into the fascinating world of Canis lupus. Down-slide into the catacombs of the mythological and mysterious shores of the werewolves and venture a sight behind what lies behind the picture the movy-industry draws.

Come to know what's meaning to live a life as wolf within a pack, to live a life dedicated entirely to the wolf community. Perhaps you don't know how closely related dogs with their ancester, the greywolf, are and where their undiscribable loyalty comes from.
Close your eyes, try to imagin a nordic winter-landscape beeing far away from every civilisation. In the nearness you can hear the ghastly howling of a wolf-pack. A fiew moments later a wapiti passes you fleeing and beeing chased from five or six wolves. Have you pictured that scene?
What you don't know, as it that panic, chanceless wapiti does, is the existance of two further wolves who are wating for their effort in the opposite direction lurking to clip its way of rout and to hunt it down.

Learn more about this beautyful, graceful species which adheres, from menkeit totally misunderstood, a bad reputation, which is unmercyfully slaughtered down wherever it is seen. Learn more about the true nature of those protect-worth predators.


Everybody, who isn't disinclined to the science-fiction-genre or to fantasy stuff and who is interested in reading an interesting novel which deals with the species mentioned above, can get a reading rehearsal of my novel "The Wa'Dŗán Chronicles − Metamorphosis" beyond it.


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